lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

night after night ♥

Every night she wakes up shaking because her world is falling apart
Every day she harms herself to have control over her life
Every night she cries herself to sleep
Every day she puts up a smile on her face to pretend that everything is okay
She cries as she cuts herself, but smiles when she sees the blood as it flows out of her
She puts up a smile on her face and she goes on with her day.
She is hanging on in a deep silent agony.
She harms herself to find a way
She cuts herself to find an answer
She wants to run away from home
Away from everything she know
She wants to run away to find herself
She feels lost and out of control
(She doesn’t know where her fate is taking her)
She is trying to run away from the pain
(she wants to find a place where she belongs)
Night after night she cries and tries to understand

estudio para mis finales, mañana historia y frances.
sigo con poder dormir, te de hierbabuena y pan tostado.

con una sencilla pregunta mi mundo se colapso: como va todo?

andy ♡

4 comentarios:

just a beautiful disaster dijo...

mucha suerte para todo linda :)

Nai dijo...

Aunque las fotos no son precisamente felices, me encanta la estetica que tienen. Un beso :)

Leah S.Miller dijo...

primera vez que me paso por aquí
mucha suerte en todo!!

*me seguiré pasando

Antonella Kippes dijo...